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Saggy Trousers Underpants Advertizing

Look At That! Look At That!
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On Oh-So-Many occasions, we have seen guys walking around with their pants flying at half-mast and their underpants hanging out. It is almost impossible not to look at.

It therefore occurred to the crack engineers at GROGco industries that this is the perfect opportunity for some well placed advertisement, such as "Walter's Wieners, the Hot Dogs You Can't Get Enough Of"! Simply place the ad on the back side of the aforementioned underpants, and VOILA! The ad you can't take your eyes off of!

This can be made even more effective by a powerful battery pack nestled comfortably in the guy's crotch area. This serves the dual role of providing power to the advertisement flashing in the back, and providing a very noticeable bulge in the front that might easily be mistaken for a sure sign of his virility that will attract potential sexual partners.

The casual observer, therefore, might subconsciously put together the fact that if you eat a Walter's Wiener, YOU TOO will have the babes flocking to your side!

***NOTE: Due to some rather disastrous incidents during the Product Testing Phase, GROGco does **NOT** recommend wearing this advertising system in driving rainstorms due to the possibility that your underpants could short out and burst into flames.

Hey, look! There's another note right over there!!>>

Grogster, Sep 11 2015

Crack kills. http://laughingsqui...to-cheeky-cleavage/
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 12 2015]


       Baked? Hasn't that Calvin Klein bloke been using this advertising medium for decades?
Tulaine, Sep 11 2015

       Wouldn't these be better called Arseverts?
xenzag, Sep 12 2015

       GROGco engineers have had to upgrade the Battery Charging System with a larger cord since encountering some overheating issues. Curiously, this has not really resolved the overheating issues; but then again, you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. Beta Testers reporting overheating issues and resultant low sperm motility may take comfort in the fact that the cords now come in a variety of fruity colors.
Grogster, Sep 12 2015

       Instead of sign twirlers at busy intersections, there will be wanna be gangsters half dressed. Be sure to use large type.
popbottle, Sep 12 2015

       TALL <wanna-be> gang-bangers will definitely command a higher profit potential given the larger surface area of their underpants.
Grogster, Sep 12 2015

       //crack engineers//   

sninctown, Sep 17 2015

       I have it on good authority that wearing your pants like that is already considered advertising in prisons.
normzone, Sep 17 2015


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