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Tshirt ad space

sell space on your tshirt.
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this poses several problems...monitoring ("oh yeah, um, i used my shirt for 27 hours yesterday....") and dynamic content ("oh my gosh that shirt is like, so old! look at the mcdonalds motto 'did sombody say mcdonalds' how last month!") you could solve both of these in this way: an article was published in i believe mit magazine about electric ink that is almost as thin as paper, but can change. basicly, you would hook your shirt up to your mobile internet cellphone/pda/big brother controll device and get new ads, and time logging.
cybercyph, Jul 23 2000

Organic LED displays http://www.cnn.com/...13/hln.wired.oleds/
They're just around the corner. There's still time to move to an island somewhere... [Ander, Oct 04 2004]

sell space on your car http://www.ad-wraps...vehiclegraphics.htm
It seems possible to substantially subsidized auto costs by participating. [BeeBee, Oct 04 2004]


       When people will pay to wear advertising, why bother?
StarChaser, Jul 23 2000

       Agreed. If it's a well-known or -liked company, their T-shirts are usually sold (though for less than they otherwise would be; the company isn't trying to maximize its T-shirt profit if it reduces primary product profits). If it's a more unknown company, you can probably get a logo T-shirt at the relevant convention.
bookworm, Jul 23 2000

       Only really works if you're a world-class participant in some sport and that sport is televised.
hippo, Jul 24 2000

       please, everyone who reads this: TEAR DOWN EVERY FRIGGIN IDEA I EVER HAVE!!!!!! vote against this, i want the lowest rated post on halfbakery!
cybercyph, Aug 14 2000

       Sorry: with posts like "Cows" and "Rent-a-Rape" out there, you've got a ways to go.   

       This is what I think is going to be Halfbakery's biggest defense against trolls: intentionally bad ideas aren't going to be worse than the occasional well-intentioned but horribly misguided idea (which this isn't, but some others here are. That's not an attack on anyone; I've had plenty of these in my time).
bookworm, Aug 14 2000

       //:please, everyone who reads this: TEAR DOWN EVERY FRIGGIN IDEA I EVER HAVE!!!!!! vote against this, i want the lowest rated post on halfbakery!://   

       muahahahahaha, Soon I will be the lowest rated halfbaker!!!! muahahahahahaha   

       In cap, I will, you won't
dickity, Sep 17 2003

       - wowowwowowowo, how dooes you'res TRUTTI FRUITY TRALLLALALLALLALAL MULAANDH DRIVE, expeRct TRuck's Drivers,, cont's/ ainers, wheeler and scqheelers, reely allow such suckkables blows, ???   

       U CEE,, hi, hi, it isnt, allowwed, :?=),.   

       No,, ??,   

       No, in a Trafic, The AIm is To ,,, hi, hi, hi,   

       da'h self-made, now sfer, lees complicated, AD' dd 'MINISTRATOR; knowings off all, says,,   

       OHUUOH SWEET NOTHINGHH;; ,, :-)   

       Clourless AOERDOR the smells, off Colour,, in SCAP? S CAPINETT FUnction,,   

       skiff, slice, diliverr,, :-)),,... s.
sirau, Jun 21 2011


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