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Sucker Punch

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To me, a lot of advertising just seems to be getting the persons attention long enough to tell them the name of the product.

With Sucker Punch, the company would simply hire a man to walk around in a crowd, hit one person in the stomach, yell the product name very loudly, and then flee. With this method, the victim, every witness, and the police receiving testimonials are successfully introduced to your product. If caught, the man will disavow being paid, and expose the judicial system to further advertisement. Pure value.

Also, what happened to the "Public:Evil" category?

notmarkflynn, Sep 21 2009

Oliviero Toscani http://en.wikipedia...ki/Oliviero_Toscani
Of Benetton fame. [wagster, Sep 22 2009]

Houdini's Death http://en.wikipedia...Harry_Houdini#Death
How a sucker punch might NOT be good for business! [Vernon, Sep 22 2009]

"What's the Frequency, Kenneth?" http://en.wikipedia...equency,_Kenneth%3F
by R.E.M. [Jim Bob of Merriam Park, Sep 23 2009]


       // Also, what happened to the "Public:Evil" category?
The joke got boring.
jutta, Sep 21 2009

       Sounds like it would lead to bullying, since if you failed to pick easily cowed victims you might have a short life expectancy.
normzone, Sep 21 2009

       It made me laugh. +
blissmiss, Sep 21 2009

       It's kind of fun to see what categories my other evil ideas ended up in.
notmarkflynn, Sep 22 2009

       Oliviero Toscani thought exactly the same as you did. He just sucker punched people with extreme imagery next to a logo, instead of a smack in the face followed by an announcement. The principle however is the same: get some attention, name the company. (link)
wagster, Sep 22 2009

       I think I once read somewhere that Harry Houdini died as a result of a surprise bunch to the gut. (see link)
Vernon, Sep 22 2009

       [notevilmarkflynn], how ya been?
blissmiss, Sep 22 2009

       So maybe they guys who assaulted Dan Rather were merely promoting R.E.M.'s new song? (A bit prematurely, since the record came out 8 years later!)
Jim Bob of Merriam Park, Sep 23 2009

       I've been okay, Miss. I've mostly been very busy doing theatre and ignoring my comics.
notmarkflynn, Sep 23 2009

       //The principle however is the same: get some attention, name the company.//   

       But admit it, [wagster], if this was done right, you would voluntarily watch, laugh and recall many more Sucker Punches than you would dreary old Benetton ads.
DocBrown, Sep 23 2009

       <nemesis> Damn, you came back.   

       *punches [notmarkflynn], conspiciously fails to yell out product name* </nemesis>
dbmag9, Oct 04 2009


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