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Tesla valve waterslide

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Pulls curtails closed ..

<sound of projector starting>

Listen carefully because I will say this only once..

<slide clicks>

Seems the Hun have managed to make a Tesla valve waterslide, cunningly disguised as a new type of V2

<slide clicks>

They are months ahead of us, but we hope sabotage their supply lines

Any questions?

not_morrison_rm, Mar 13 2021

The Butt Report https://en.m.wikipe...rg/wiki/Butt_Report
[pertinax, Mar 14 2021]


       Yes - how do you envisage the rider's experience of the slide?
pertinax, Mar 13 2021

       Please curtail your pulling.
pocmloc, Mar 13 2021

       If you go "down" the valve you'll never divert, just go straight through to the end. If you go "up" you'll soon end up permanently in an eddy. It doesn't sound fun either way. This needs more than the title by way of explanation.
Voice, Mar 13 2021

       Well, sure, but what would cause the water to flow the wrong way through the Tesla valve?   

       Can this technology be used for bathers to deter them from running? That's the biggest problem I remember from lifeguarding work. People, especially children, like to run at top speed across a slippery concrete surface.   

       Maybe 4' high concrete posts densely and randomly placed across all the walking areas would deter running while minimally deterring walking.   

       The chief slide development guy would probably have said that the V2 water slide was supposed to be built on Mars to benefit from the low gravity, but unfortunately it was installed on the wrong planet.
sninctown, Mar 13 2021

       <dark thoughts 1> Test race? </1> Make that demographic.   

       A section of water is eventually going to flow through but the periodicity of sliders is going to be the key on injuries.
wjt, Mar 13 2021

       What does the Tesla valve water slide actually do? Apart from 'allo 'allo references?
bs0u0155, Mar 14 2021

       {following on from the body of the idea}   

       Have a seat, [nmrm].   

       We've asked Mr Butt to audit your analysis of the intelligence. Yes, Mr Butt from the Air Ministry, splendid chap. Anyway, he's taken some soundings, asked around, had a look over the files and reviewed your summary.   

       Yes, quite so.   

       He thinks it's horseshit.   

       More tea?
pertinax, Mar 14 2021

       Ok, moving shutters on the device so no one gets clouted by someone else on the way down.   

       // What does the Tesla valve water slide actually do?   

       Errrr, a water slide built on the Tesla valve principal, so an amusing ride down , possibly washing socks at the same time.
not_morrison_rm, Mar 15 2021

       Ah, the good old days when military strategy and large-scale tactics were decided based on evidence rather than the owners of the political party currently most in power.
Voice, Mar 15 2021

       I envision a waterslide / see-saw ride, with Tesla valves running the entire length, to make the experience like a rollercoaster. The waterslide consists of a long trough partially filled with water. People get into the pool at one end, then that end slooowly raises into the air, and the water slooowly runs through the valves toward what is now the low end. People can float around the loops in the manner of a wave pool ride. Lifeguards stationed along the length ensure that everyone safely navigates the valves. Then, the slide tips up the other way, and a much faster and shallower flow of water running the other way brings the people (one at a time, with safe intervals in between) back to the starting point.   

       I'd like to include a Tesla Turbine somewhere in this system, but I'm not yet sure where.   

       I'd really like to include a Tesla Coil somewhere in this system, but that would raise many questions.
sninctown, Mar 16 2021

       Like electricution?
not_morrison_rm, Mar 17 2021


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