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adding salt to pepper shakers as a means of world domination
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By adding salt to pepper shakers, people will increase their salt-intake by at least 25%, increasing blood pressure and hypertension among Americans, leading to control over them through medication, poor health, and their inability to stop you.

This idea came about when I discovered salt in my pepper shaker in every restaraunt I attended over a 3 week period (positing the idea as possibly already baked)

manda, Mar 19 2003

saltandpepper http://www.halfbake.../idea/saltandpepper
Last year's suggestion of mixing salt and pepper for the rather mundane workaday reason of convenience. [st3f, Oct 04 2004]


       MacDonald's is doing a good enough job of increasing blood pressure and hypertension already, I hardly think you will have much impact here.
DrCurry, Mar 19 2003

       Drat. My fiendishly clever plot has been foiled. I would have gotten away with it too if it hadn't been for those meddling kids.
half, Mar 19 2003

       (with an evil laugh) Ahahahaha!
manda, Mar 21 2003

       Would probably lead to an arms race, and ultimately the SALT talks.
RayfordSteele, Mar 21 2003

       Hey Pluto, I am afraid if you ever eat on restaurants or even consume pepper, that puts you FAR away from the dominating side.   

       PLUS, there are many ways to increase people's consume of salt and, as said above, seems like this is already baked by fast food chains and frozen foods in general, just to mention some.
Pericles, Mar 21 2003

       [admin: changed ALL CAPS title to Title Case]
st3f, Mar 22 2003

       Pluto, while the 'bakery isn't a competition per se, please understand that it's also not a chatroom, and not like most places on the net.   

       In another respect, understand that to some degree; all of social interaction has a competitive nature, and people are constantly sizing you up, and vice-versa. It has every feature of a more formal social gathering, underneath. Knowing this, be wise with your words and tone, lest you become alienated. Unless of course, that's your goal.
RayfordSteele, Mar 22 2003

       Hey, I'm a vegetarian. But I don't get how that relates to salt or global domination. Do I get to be on the world domination team even though I'm voting against this idea?
Worldgineer, Mar 23 2003

       Has anyone seen those Veggie Tales movies (aka 'religatables')? Talk about your insidious plots for world domination!

Wait a minute... WORLDgineer... WORLD domination. Hmmm.... I think I know who's behind all this.
roby, Mar 23 2003

       News Story: In a strangely ironic situation, after gloating loudly about the impending death of meat eaters due to a strange plot involving salt, most of Earth's vegetarians died as, since they were too busy gloating, they forgot to carefully regulate thier diet and suffered severe iron deficiency.   

       The planet's last survivors are Earl, who has survived by eating Spam and creamed corn since the age of 11, and myself, who survived by eating vegetarians.   

       And now to sport...
Freelancer, Mar 23 2003


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