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Salt spray cellar

A healthier reminder of the sea
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We are constantly exhorted to reduce salt, which is a good idea. However, soya sauce, while not salt, is nonetheless salty and goes further than the quantity of salt it contains would in seasoning food. A solution to this would clearly be a saline one, allowing food to taste saltier than if sprinkled with grains of salt - it would be easier to taste the salt in solution than if it started off as crystals. To reduce salt consumption still further, a mechanically operated spray would make it possible to provide the minimum necessary quantity of salt, as a solution, by gently misting one's food with brine. It would also be reminiscent of the sea.
A misting salt cellar could be cleaned easily by immersion in fresh water.
nineteenthly, Dec 20 2005

Reminds me of this http://webster.stat...010705saltbrine.pdf
[Shz, Dec 21 2005]


       Complete with Gale Force 9 winds?
DrCurry, Dec 21 2005

       Havent seen you around in while, 9/10ly.   

DesertFox, Dec 21 2005

       Ever lie by your window on a stormy day at the beach? Its the best salt lick ever. But its for the nose and eyes. I guess I prefer salty air over food with salty air on it. Bun.
Ponies for Parties, Dec 21 2005

       There is a big taste difference in unsalted butter from the salted type … with just about 100mg Sodium present per tablespoon of butter compared to 900mg Sodium present per tablespoon of soy sauce.
reensure, Dec 21 2005

       Thanks for the vote, [DesertFox]. I haven't been around much because i felt i was in danger of becoming inane and also my mother in law died.
nineteenthly, Dec 21 2005

       [bites tongue]
DrCurry, Dec 21 2005

       Changing the subject rapidly   

       Great idea. Water can contain huge amounts of salt so it would work very well. It may also avoid over doing particular chips (fries for the Manericans) which can easy happen with normal shakers.   

       Only problem is; would it make food too soggy?
miasere, Dec 21 2005

       I can see this in a spray bottle. Why the cellar?
Shz, Dec 21 2005

       It needn't make food too soggy because something like soya sauce doesn't if added in sensible quantities, and that'd be all that's needed.
nineteenthly, Dec 21 2005


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