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Salt lick patches

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Blocks of salt lick are just too impractical in the office. Instead, small patches of felt saturated with concentrated saline should be stuck onto walls. This would also prevent hedgehogs from being able to reach the salt and contaminating it with their saliva.
lubbit, Jun 21 2001

(?) Impractical? Hardly! http://www.getyourlicks.com/
They even come with an attractive base. (Site from [kelli].) [jutta, Jun 21 2001]

Archived copy of above-linked site https://web.archive...w.getyourlicks.com/
[notexactly, Nov 11 2018]


angel, Jun 21 2001

       Could lubbit's job be that of a hedgehog trainer?
Aristotle, Jun 21 2001

       Hmmm. Maybe this is actually an epidermal patch to help cows get over wild salt cravings. Once they get over the five-block-a-day mark, you gotta do something. Therapy just doesn't seem to work on bovines.
Reverend D, Jun 21 2001

       Now that Peter mentioned cows I've remembered that horses use salt licks too.
Aristotle, Jun 21 2001

       Actually, I think man does have a distinct natural appetite for salt. It's just that we mix it with our food instead of licking it off a big block.
wiml, Jun 22 2001

       I am SO not licking that after ANY of my other co-workers have licked it.
submitinkmonkey, Mar 21 2005

       The only thing that prevents this idea from being deeply derivative of my famed Saltissimos is that it was posted four years earlier. Damn damn damn.
Basepair, Mar 21 2005

       I thought this would be patches that you wear on your arm, when you're trying to cut down on your salt without withdrawals.
normzone, Mar 22 2005


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