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Very, very salty nibbles.
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There is a range of nibbly things which are perfect as nibbles for nibbling with beer. Salted peanuts, salted pretzelly things, brine-pickled olives, little anchovy- things-on-sticks. What you really crave is the salt, and the rest of the nibble is just there to provide a convenient vehicle and a little variety. So, I propose Saltissimos - pretty little nibble-sized crunchy salt- crystal cubes, infused perhaps with a little anchovy essence or bacon flavour. The perfect accompaniment for almost anything that happens to be beer.
Basepair, Mar 20 2005

Search on Flavored Salt... http://snipurl.com/dju0
Not all of them intended for human consumption, but this looks pretty Widely Baked. [DrCurry, Mar 20 2005]



       Eat a handful of salt. See what it does to you. You don't want to eat a bagful of salt. It will kill you with dehydration. Or make you throw up violently.
DesertFox, Mar 20 2005

       You never crunched those big sea-salt crystals (I mean the ones you're supposed to put in the salt grinder)?
Basepair, Mar 20 2005

       No. Well, once. It made me sick.
DesertFox, Mar 21 2005

       I presume that's an anchovy skeleton I see before me? Oh well. For the record, the flavoured salts I saw looked as if they were intended for use in cooking rather than as munchable nibbles. But, I begin to wonder if my tastes are somewhat at the extremes of the bell-curve.
Basepair, Mar 21 2005

submitinkmonkey, Mar 21 2005

       So who spoiled my collection of yummy salty anchovy-skeletons with a croissant, then?
Basepair, Mar 21 2005

       I'd think you could get your fix of salt and flavor from the existing foods. If the garden variety of salty snacks like sunflower seeds don't satisfy your salt-tooth, would you consider salted dried plums (saladitos en espanol)?
half, Mar 21 2005

       I haven't had the pleasure of saladitos, alas, though I'll look out for them. But my plan was to cut to the chase and go straight for the salt. Plus, all the carbohydrates and/or in most conventional salty snacks can't be good for person.....
Basepair, Mar 21 2005

       Neither can all the salt.....
DesertFox, Mar 21 2005

       Depends on your genes. And if you do have a problem with salt, you'll almost certainly eat more of it when it's diluted out by pretzels and other stuff.
Basepair, Mar 21 2005

       My point exactly. However, I think making the Saltissimos as large as an avocado would be taking this to extremes.
Basepair, Mar 21 2005

       Perhaps bouillon cubes would strike your fancy, [Basepair]. They're generally heavy on salt and are available in many flavors: Chicken, beef, shrimp, vegetable, soy, mushroom, fish, and whoknowswhatelse.   

       I don't know, [UB]. I never saw them when I lived in Northern, CA where there was plenty of Chinese history as well as hispanic culture. I've only seen them here in the context of Mexican food specialities.
half, Mar 21 2005

       Bouillon cubes are too large and not crunchy enough. And way too difficult to pronounce with confidence in a beer- rich environment.
Basepair, Mar 21 2005

       Try this. Dump Ramen soup flavoring in water and let the salt crystallize with flavoring. Or eat it plain.   

       It tastes good.
DesertFox, Mar 22 2005

       Old Tsez proverb, "You don't know a man before you've eaten a pound of salt with him." Disclaimer: invariably lethal.
reensure, Mar 22 2005

       I think the assumption was that this would consumed over a number of weeks...
Basepair, Mar 22 2005

       Here in Southern California they sell saladitos from ice-cream trucks, in the more Latino populated areas. A classmate brought some to class once when I was in college and I tried it--blech, too salty for me! But you're probably like them, [Base].
Machiavelli, Mar 22 2005

       [Mach] "But you're probably like them, [Base]" - I hope these saladito things are dashed handsome and with a rapier-like wit and beguiling modesty, then.
Basepair, Mar 22 2005

       Of course they are, [Base].
Machiavelli, Mar 22 2005

       UnaBubba - I couldn't possibly comment...
Basepair, Mar 22 2005

       Blecch. Sorry, but that would be yucky.   

justibone, Mar 23 2005

       Umeboshi rice balls, yum, for the road warrior in your family. Pack them for his next two week campaign of routing the neighboring villagers.
mensmaximus, Mar 23 2005

       I think we routed most of them last time round. And these rice balls don't sound that crunchy, alas. Back to the salt mines, I guess....
Basepair, Mar 23 2005

       //Too much salt is like too much water it will kill you//   

       like drowning in salt?   

       //There is a range of nibbly things which are perfect as nibbles for nibbling with beer.//   

       especially for the person who is selling the beer.
Susan, Mar 23 2005

       // Dump Ramen soup flavoring in water and let the salt crystallize with flavoring. Or eat it plain.   

       It tastes good. //   

       I've eaten that stuff straight multiple times, just because I didn't want to waste it (after crunching up the dry noodles and eating them). It's terrible. I'm surprised my tongue isn't chemically burned.
notexactly, Nov 11 2018

       ^ Ahh, that be the kimchee.   

       Just looking at this page is a dietician's nightmare.   

       Is it a snack, or something you could defrost a driveway in Siberia?.
not_morrison_rm, Nov 12 2018


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