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Christmas Wax Wrap

Tamper-Resistant and Completely Reusable!
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Rather than wrap your purchases in expensive paper or bags this holiday season, why not dip them in festive red wax like those little cheeses?
Using a wax with a low melting temperature, this table-top unit, similar to a large fondue pot, will keep the wax at the perfect temperature whilst you dip all your presents.
Simply tie the ribbon on first and submerge the gift into the liquid wax. This ribbon will become the rip-cord to fascilitate opening on Christmas morn.
Children will be less likely to peek into their presents since repairs will be difficult to conceal.
After the presents have been opened, simply gather up all the wax and save it for next year.

Also available in shopping-mall units for dipping very large gifts.
lintkeeper2, Nov 27 2003


       The ideal present would then be a vacuum cleaner, specially modified with a heating element to remove fragments of wax from your carpet.
dobtabulous, Nov 27 2003

       //very gouda//   

       Trust you to say something cheesy, [toejam].
lintkeeper2, Nov 27 2003

       maybe you could put that wax in one of those home parafin spa things.   

       Also, It might be cool to give one of those hickory farms cheese asortments, with the whole box wrapped in wax. (lol)
-wess, Nov 28 2003

       There's a place that opens up every year in our mall that, for a nominal fee will can your gift item ... you can't have anything with a radically odd shape, or something incredibly large, but its makes for a great tamper-proof gift wrap
Letsbuildafort, Nov 28 2003

       Hon, I got you the wireless keyboard you asked for, lintkeeper helped me wrap it...
DrCurry, Nov 28 2003

       It might be easier to work with if it came in the form of a waxy sort of bag, into which you place the gift item and shrink-wrap it to size using a hair dryer or paint stripper gun.
waugsqueke, Nov 28 2003

       Use the melted wax from the package to seal the envelope of the thank you card for the gift
Letsbuildafort, Nov 28 2003

       I was just thinking of something similar (a spray-on version) when I found your waxy idea. I think it's great +. One improvement I'd suggest would be that you find an edible wax, to save on the tidying up on Christmas day. My mum would love you for that.
Fishrat, Nov 29 2003

       edible wax, lord no! what about using marzipan?
po, Nov 29 2003

       Or, set it in the middle of a trifle so you'd know if little hands had been trying to squeeze their presents before the big day!
Fishrat, Nov 29 2003

       waugs: that's Baked as a wrapping option.
DrCurry, Nov 29 2003

       Non-edible wax would make the product re-useable, though, which is preferred to recycling. Not sure what it'd be if you could eat it. Composted?
lintkeeper2, Nov 29 2003

       // waugs: that's Baked as a wrapping option. //   

       Out of wax? Don't think so.
waugsqueke, Nov 29 2003

       Ewe rang?   

       It sucks when hearing aid batteries run out of juice, and it turns out that (previously purchased) new batteries spent a night next to coins or keys while waiting their turn. It's an easy oversight which can be made in the spur of a moment before bedtime or while in a purse or pocket, thereby completely draining these small batteries of power, even in a package.
thumbwax, Nov 29 2003

       look.. we got you a kitten for Christmas!

interesting idea [lint], a feta complete.
neilp, Nov 30 2003

       Thank you, [neilp]. I had been disappointed by the poor showing of cheese-humour.
lintkeeper2, Nov 30 2003

       This would not last very long in typical Christmas weather here. I can see a family converging on the tree, only to find a puddle of molten wax with presents embedded therein. Serves us right for using "wax with a low melting temperature."
Detly, Nov 30 2003

       Not knowing what somebody lacks
Can cause gift-giving panic attacks
But a log made of cheese
Will most certainly please
When wrapped up in "Lintkeeper's Wax"
TabulaRasa, Dec 01 2003

       "toejam's gift"

The present I once got from you
Was a wax-wrapped candle, it's true
But you see, here's the thing:
Now I've only a string....
That was such a wicked thing to do!
TabulaRasa, Dec 02 2003

       You have outdone yourself, [Tabula]. Excellent.
lintkeeper2, Dec 02 2003

       From a beau to her boy:   

       My leg man this present’s for you,
My legs, not just one, but both two.
Not skirted nor in slacks,
They are wrapped in red wax.
Unwrapped, they will be hairless, too.
FarmerJohn, Mar 13 2004

       "Festive red wax", not greasy yellow wax, thank-you. Don't make me send you something wrapped in green.
lintkeeper2, Dec 20 2004


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