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Web-Wide Logout

Would give me a lot more peace of mind.
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I don't know enough about websites to know with any certainty if this is possible, but it seems doable. Anyway, it occurred to me today that, over the years, I've logged into the Halfbakery from a LOT of computers. And I'm sure that I forgot to log out after leaving several of them. My question is this: is it possible to trace the IP address of every computer I'm currently logged in on, and if so, is it possible to log me out of all of them? If it's not possible, please treat this as any other question I've asked you guys over the years. If it is.... Ta da!
21 Quest, Jun 17 2009

[po] live http://www.youtube....watch?v=tw-TR2tN9Mk
[normzone, Jun 18 2009]


       ...finds one of [21 Quest's] computers and starts posting troll-like ideas and annotations in his name..... "I'm 21 Quest!"
xenzag, Jun 18 2009

       It can be done. Gmail has this capability. If you click on the "details" link beside last account activity in the page footer, you'll see an option to sign out all other sessions.

       I think Halfbakery would need to provide that functionality, however, and it's not really the site's responsibility to provide a solution for something users should take care of themselves, one would think.
tatterdemalion, Jun 18 2009

       Nobody's perfect. It's a good thing to support - I can see why a large and possibly critical application like gmail does that. The halfbakery log-in is so unsafe that it seems a little like overkill; most of the pieces are there, though, so we may do it at some point, just because we can.

       How it works in principle: the application identifies users not just by their password/username, but by a special key that gets issued when you log in. Once issued, the application remembers your key. Normally, when you log in, the application gives you the old key it already stored. When you say "log me out everywhere else", the application issues a new key, and gives you that - now the old keys stop working, and whoever uses them would have to log in again.

       So, you don't actually have to know the IP addresses you logged in from (which isn't always possible).
jutta, Jun 18 2009

       I have never logged out. Even at the public libraries and such. Is that a bad thing?
blissmiss, Jun 18 2009

       Probably not, Blissy. I'm a little paranoid about such things, though. So, Jutta, is there currently a way for me to do this on the HB?
21 Quest, Jun 18 2009

       so it is piece of mind you want is it?
po, Jun 18 2009

       I, [21 Quest], could use a little piece of mind, yes. The thought of others posting in my name bothers me

       -21 Quest Jun 18 2009
[edit, delete]

normzone, Jun 18 2009

       I sympathise [21]

come on, come on, come on
And take it, take another little piece of my mind
now baby
Break it, break another little bit of my
mind now darling
Yeah, have a, have another little piece
of my mind now baby
Cos you know you got it and
it makes you feel good
Yes it does

po, Jun 18 2009

       po always <sings> a bit off key.
po, Jun 18 2009

       This is a question right? [marked-for-deletion], not an idea.
daseva, Jun 18 2009

"You can logout anytime you like,
But you can never leaaave"
Sing it!
gnomethang, Jun 18 2009

       <sings out of tune>

       welcome to the halfbakery
such a lovely place
such a lovely place with no caps for me!!!>

po, Jun 18 2009

       adding this to favourites...
po, Jun 18 2009

       She's been doing things this way for years, [bigsleep]. What makes you think things will change now?
daseva, Jun 18 2009

skinflaps, Jun 18 2009

       po, thanks for pointing the spelling error out. I meant "peace of mind". It's been corrected. Daseva, i meant it as an idea on the condition that it's possible, hence the question. If it weren't possible, I'd have deleted it. Given that it is possible, however, I'm leaving it up as an idea.
21 Quest, Jun 18 2009

       I'm here to serve as always... <sings>
po, Jun 18 2009

       I'm treating this as a feature request, not a question, so it can stay. What 21Q is asking for is not possible right now, but it wouldn't be that difficult to implement.
jutta, Jun 18 2009

       Would be useful, I've had idiot friends post in my name on other websites. Scoundrels. [+]
theleopard, Jun 19 2009

       Double edged sword, innit? I get my share of radosty and a real horrorshow smeck with a malenky bit of the old oomny sabatoge upon my more gloopy droogs.
daseva, Jun 19 2009

       I'm [21_Quest] and so is my wife!
BunsenHoneydew, Jun 23 2009

       Don't know why so many people dislike this idea, would be damn useful.
theleopard, Jun 24 2009


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