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Satellite lottery

This star is shining on you!
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In my limited experience of one system, every digital satellite tv receiver has a serial number through which channels can be enabled, or the whole thing blocked by the transmitting satellite.

So, if you want people to watch something particular, use this system to ask random receivers to call the winning telephone number within 1 minute.

Ling, Jul 10 2014


       good title, good summary, absolutely no idea whatsoever as to what the other stuff is about.
FlyingToaster, Jul 10 2014

       So you'd block everyone except the winner for a moment, and say "you've won, call this number" on the channel?   

       I don't think the blocking system works immediately, I was under the impression that it is concurrent with software updates.
Spacecoyote, Jul 10 2014

       I don't think blocking is necessary...I get an individusl message to tell me when I have forgotten to pay, which seems to demonstrate the system somewhat.   

       So, it would be a general satellite transmission, received by all, but decoded by one. Final confirmation required by handing over the hardware.
Ling, Jul 14 2014


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