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Win on National Lottery

A foolproof method to win on the lottery every week
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Simply choose your six numbers, and refrain from buying a lottery ticket. When the numbers fail to come up, you've won a pound. You can increase your winnings by refraining from buying additional tickets.

You may experience the occasional setback, where you lose a tenner (well.. a niner actually) but you'll certainly come out ahead in the long run.

Mickey the Fish, Jul 10 2000


       There's a simple way to win the lottery every week. If there are 42 million combinations possible on the ticket, you only need 42 million dollars to get started.   

       I didn't say it would be *worth* it...
Eeyore, Jul 10 2000

       Might be worth it sometimes. A group of Australians apparently tried to buy all 14 million combinations when the Florida <USA> lottery hit 100 million...
StarChaser, Jul 11 2000

       Yeah, the odds are pretty good then. You only lose if 7 other people hit the jackpot too...
bookworm, Jul 11 2000

       but you have to find a 7-11 clerk willing to run you 42 million lottery tickets by 7:30....
raisin, Jan 06 2001

       I've worked it out. It is profitable to buy all 14million combs. You would, however, need two million payslips and a lot of pens. I'm off to work on Thunderball.
rjswanson, Apr 06 2001

       Actually, I forgot to take into account that you don't win the money in a lump sum, so a $100 million prize is actually worth less than $100 million...
bookworm, Apr 06 2001

       why win $100 million the hard way when you can win $20 the easy way. buy scratch-offs until you win. copy the winning scratch-off tickets onto similar cardboard-like paper. the upc's the store scans only identify the ticket type(and ocassional the winning amount) and the number they punch in only the winner type. the actual individual ticket number is usually not input into the system, but rather stays on the ticket for later verification by hand by the lottery office (ever wonder why they keep torn up winning tickets in a bin versus throwing them away?) basically.....you could submit copies of $20 winning tickets, say 100 copies for $2,000 and no one would know until the tickets are verified by the lottery office. by then one of three things has happened- 1. you get away scot free because when they go to the gas station (s) you bought from it was too long ago and they no longer have the video tape 2. they check the video and see you doing your scam and you go to a prison for the rest of your young life 3. the system realizes there are only 50 winning such tickets in your regional area (say within 50 miles) and wonders why the quik mart on 15th and main has 100 winners. plus, you know all those nasty looking signs at gas stations about theft of gas and department stores about shoplifting. if you think a business man would be mad about theft how do you think the government would feel....see the thing is the government is far more likely to expend enourmous resources to find people who steal from it than give similar resources as freely to a business ----moral is steal from the fed and the judge will feel like the reason he didnt get a raise is because it wasnt in the budget, because you stole it all. you then wonder why you get the maximum penalty when you are a first time offender. ie, if you steal, dont do it from a guy bigger and stronger than you.
junkmail, Dec 21 2002


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