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The National Lossery

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It's the usual drill, buy a ticket and anticipate the moment when... you don't win. However, under Lossery rules, that can't happen as all tickets include a small prize, whether it be 10% off your weekly shop/free car insurance for a year/free tickets to a theme park etc. You can swap your Lossery prize with others on the National Lossery website if it's not something you'd use.

What all Lossery hopefuls are really after is the null ticket, the one with nothing to give except all that money.

If you're going to gamble, the National Lossery will at least make it worth your while as nobody comes away empty-handed.

Phrontistery, Sep 24 2012


       I was just thinking of an idea for a lottery pool website that enables users to buy into lotteries worldwide. Instead of buying one personal lottery ticket for one dollar why not buy one hundreth of one hundred tickets for one dollar? The answer is probably restrictions of the lotteries themselves, but if not, I think that would be a profitable idea. The website would also get a cut of winning tickets. There are some technical issues about how the lottery tickets would be bought, but I'd imagine that it would be done through agents of the website.   

       In fact, 'the website' could sell many many shares of some tickets for people who really want to spread their risk around, but increase their chances of recieving a smaller payout. That way 'the website' could buy a one dollar ticket and sell onethousand penny shares in it and make 900% on the initial investment. If the ticket wins the million each shareholder gets about $1000 less the website fee. If they don't win they lose the penny.
rcarty, Sep 24 2012

       A good way to profit at the expense of innumerate people!
pocmloc, Sep 24 2012


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