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Satnav Backchat

"...you stupid machine!"
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Machine: "Take the second exit onto klounz road"
pocmloc: "It's klou-NEZ you stupid machine"
Machine: ... <parses example pronounciation>
<stores for future use>
<shares online with its robot masters for reprogramming all other machines>

Presumably there would be a system to stop hilarious wags gaming the system by shouting spoof names. Perhaps the network would aggregate a lot of corrections; perhaps one's shouts would be weighted based on ones general overall social credit as scored by detailed AI monitoring of ones online and real-world offline communications and actions.

pocmloc, Jan 03 2019


       "Take the second exit onto klounz road."   

       "It's pronounced klou-NEZ, actually."   

       "I've always called it 'klounz'"   

       "Yes, but it should be pronounced klou-NEZ. It's from a dialect word meaning 'watermeadow'"   

       "Oh, hark at Mister bloody Know-All. I've only lived round here most of my life, after all."   

       (long silence)   

       "Where now ?"   

       (long silence)   

       "Where now ? Do we turn again ?"   

       "What ? Are you talking to me ?"   

       "Yes, do we have to make another turn ?"   

       "How should I know ? After all, I can't even pronounce the names in my home town properly. I can't be expected to navigate, can I ? I don't know why I came."   

       "Errr, well, you were the one they invited ..."   

       (long silence)   

       "What's wrong ?"   


       (silence lasting remainder of evening)   

       Even a SatNav that mispronounces EVERY name is better than that ...
8th of 7, Jan 03 2019


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