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self cleaning toilet seat

surface of seat is a metamaterial skin that is powered by mechanical pressure of someone sitting down on it
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toilet seats get uring on them and under them. i propose a toilet seat that harvests the power of sitting down on it , to power a microsurface dynamical action, almost as if the surface is of the toilet seat is a metamaterial hydrophobic scaley wrap that kind of flutters off the last particles of urine or dried material on it and pushes it closer to an edge of the wrap that itself is almost microscopic but is placed on the inside rim of the seat such that the dirt is pushed slowly to that edge and when it gets there is riffled off.

everytime someone sits down you get a riffle. it might not clean the seat at once, but after a few sitting the seat will get clean.

teslaberry, Apr 08 2017

Not quite the same ... _22ScrubBot_20can_20handle_20it_22
[normzone, Apr 08 2017]

Titanium dioxide self-cleans under UV light http://newatlas.com...tic-coatings/23354/
As mentioned in an annotation. [Vernon, Apr 09 2017]


       Something must indeed be done about the pernicious phenomenon known as fecal fleck flicking.
smendler, Apr 08 2017

       //microsurface dynamical action//   

       I'm not familiar with these. Got a link?
Wrongfellow, Apr 08 2017

       "And seat! When you're done with cleaning yourself, take care of the floors and the laundry."   

       Seat mutters "No respect for technology ya big fat as..."   

       "What was that? Speak up seat"   

       "oh, nothing"   

       Later that night at the meeting of the "Self Cleaning Toilet Seats Union #447" ...
popbottle, Apr 08 2017

       You could always have some kind of flame-source nearby that torches the seat after an autoflush. But if your autoflush is anything like the ones at the office you may want to just hold it...
RayfordSteele, Apr 08 2017

       Well, it is known that titanium dioxide at the surface of a substance, when hit by UV light, does some interesting chemistry that tends to self-clean the surface (including killing germs). Therefore the toilet seats need to be appropriately coated, and the restroom lighting needs to include ultraviolet.
Vernon, Apr 09 2017

8th of 7, Apr 09 2017

       I need to learn more about this 'uring'.   

       So wait, the seat has uring on it, which won't be completely removed by the hindquarters of the first person to sit on the urine-splashed seat, nor by the second, but perhaps by the third.   

       What does the metamaterial skin do?
pocmloc, Apr 09 2017


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