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Reification of Power

Nobody listen if it scares you.
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Boo - go the other way and point at it.
rcarty, Dec 10 2012

The idea http://www.visitfin...s/2012/09/ghost.jpg
Come here and trip out on mushrooms [rcarty, Dec 11 2012]


       The face-finger hybridization.
rcarty, Dec 10 2012

       That would give four-dimensional matter, measured in kilogram-seconds. Perhaps I'm taking this too literally. (I mean kilograms per second, without the four-dimensional bit. I feel really stupid now.)
spidermother, Dec 10 2012

       It's sensitizaton to the legal object in the fetishized mass. Degrees of discursive power, knowledge and images of knowledge. It's something in other words that don't scare you.
rcarty, Dec 10 2012

       See how it is FALLACY!   

       But don't forget how it works like that too.
rcarty, Dec 11 2012


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