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Save History

A tool to save your page history , instead of just a specific page.
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Sometimes, I am looking at a website with lots of pages and I have navigated to the page I want. However, the previous pages also have information that I want, and the site does not have good navigational tools.

If I had just navigated to the site, I could use the browser's Back and Forwards buttons to get to the previous pages. However, this is no good if I come back to the page later.

I want a tool to save my history, rather than just the page. I could then load the history bookmark, and be able to go back and forwards to my heart's content.

More complicated versions would let me choose which pages I wanted to put into the bookmark, so that I could, in theory, have a sequence of pages that I liked, to take me on a 'tour' of the pages. I could compile a sequence, send it to someone else, and they would just be able to press forwards from the start to see the pages I saw.

I'm sure that this would not be too hard to implement, but I know next to nothing about how these things work, so I'll leave it to you.

dbmag9, Nov 04 2005


       A quick Google shows there are many, many products that will let you do just that.
DrCurry, Nov 04 2005

       disappointed, thought this would involve some kind of time travel
daaisy, Nov 04 2005

       me too.. .like, "in a bottle for later use" etc.
Zuzu, Nov 04 2005

       I thought maybe history was endangered or something.
DrCurry, Nov 04 2005

       You could always use the 'today ... yesterday ... etc. views in IE.
RayfordSteele, Nov 05 2005

       Install toolbar www.a9.com and history is always available to you wherever you are. I have 2 years of history to go back to my hearts content. You can create a tour of pages from www.backflip.com service and do whatever you like with the history of favourites. The history in A9.com is searchable too. Not only that it has opensearch feature by which you can add and substract results from different search engines with the same keyword you used to search your history.
drizzlein, Jun 25 2006


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