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Saving Search Results

Selected Results should be saved and stored and indexed so we can view them again
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There should be a checkbox next to search results indicating to save the result or not. Saved results should auto categories them selves according to search words, date, site etc.. just like favorites or bookmark. The 'searchpage' should display this result which updates itself. Search page can be accessed via 'toolbar button' or 'bookmark'. This would enhanced your search activities lot.
artist, Jul 12 2003


       Given the ever-changing nature of the Internet, I think this would be folly.
DrCurry, Jul 12 2003

       You can save the query as a URL.
bristolz, Jul 12 2003

       This would be a good feature. (Bookmarking wouldn't be as efficient because the URL's would fill up your Favorites folder. Having the search engine itself store your checked-off results in your temp or cookies folder would be more transparent.)
phundug, Jul 12 2003

       Yeah, at .01 cents a megabyte, storing up those favorites could run into real money.
bristolz, Jul 13 2003

       (I assume the search engine would only store your searches for a couple of days.)
phundug, Jul 13 2003


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