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Simple natural language websearch algo

An easy to implement natural language search engine "language"
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This easy to implement natural-language search engine converts many natural types of questions and searches into a sequence of web searches collating and filtering the results. No real AI here, but rather a "simple suggestion machine" by keywords and a few rules. The user interface should be iterative, with some questions to the user: Did you mean... with checkbox next to desired search, and links for a drilldown.

Here's the reasoning: People like to search with question marks, quotes and most importantly using the negative - in order to remove fields of semantic meaning.

For example you would write: Is thisFreeProgram a hoax? Most of the first results are useless, because if it is, usually the term has been covered with web garbage.

If your a google geek you know how to truly and finally get the desired result, although it could take an hour or two.

The program will show you several keywords around hoax such as Spyware, fraud etc. At the same time it will have an "Exclude" box of types of results that you DONT want. (thisFreeProgram download sites etc).

It would then search each one of the search strings it came up with, and present them collated and filtered.

pashute, May 15 2012




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