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Searchmarks cloud

Remember or forget your latest web searches automatically
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You do a web search, find the right answer on your first try. Then continue to look into all kinds of things and for the life of it, cannot get back to your original search.

Tada! Searchmarks to the rescue.

A google plugin for chrome (or the likes for both the search engine and the browser) that remembers your search terms and puts your latest in a cloud with a minus and X sign next to each.

The tag cloud comes up AFTER you click a link and are already INSIDE the linked website. Do nothing, and your search is saved, and the cloud slowly fades away.

When on google you can click Searchmarks off, if its annoying. And you can dismiss the Searchmarks on a site (Dismiss always for this site, Turn Searchmarks off, Dismiss now)

Clicking on a search term highlights the term. Clicking on the minus forgets it. Clicking on the X forgets it from all previous searches of yours.

Clicking on My Searchmarks show lists of searches, sorted by keywords repeatedly used.

Clicking on My Searchmarks Cloud shows a tag-cloud with all keywords. The cloud has words close to each other when they are used together.

pashute, Jun 15 2012


       The BACK button of your browser should already be able to take you back to your first search-results page.
Vernon, Jun 15 2012

       Now I get it. Thanks sleepy. +
blissmiss, Jun 15 2012

       Instead of another feature or plugin, I'd much rather have a way to tell Google to stop fucking around trying to anticipate my preferences and just log a chronological list like any perfectly sane search engine would do.   

       Remember when a search engine would just go find shit and bring it back for you, without offering you fries and a toy and trying to do the thinking for you? Ahh... yep, those were the days.
Alterother, Jun 15 2012

       Google has search history (as long as you're logged in when you do the search). I think it wouldn't be too difficult to write a browser extension to display that data as a word cloud.
notexactly, Mar 10 2015


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