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For one liner answers given in google search result
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Searching for div (vs mod) in excel formula I went through tons of answers and had to scroll down inside forums that say Solved, but don't give the answer.

All I really wanted was one single word. Quotient.

There are many similar problems like that. Some are already implemented. Like conversions, or arithmetic.

Shortanswers.com doesn't actually store the discussions and questions and answers but rather points to existing discussions and gives a one liner short description to the answer. It could work as a thesaurus too, pointing (of course) to the real thesaurus websites.

You start typing Dollar exchange rate and it completes the search with a To: you then enter Y and it offers Yen. scrolling to the yen option or writing it, you get the result.

pashute, Dec 20 2012

(???) I want to make sweet love to Google google.com
[Voice, Dec 20 2012]

I want to make sweet love to Wolframalpha http://www.wolframalpha.com/
[DIYMatt, Dec 23 2012]


       For dynamic data like exchange rates a forum is just about the worst possible format. I would support the US government giving Google two billion dollars to research AI, that would provide many more short answers than it already does. As for your dollar to yen conversion that's already supported.

Type "100 dollars in yen" into Google for a big bold direct answer, a chart showing the history, and search results telling you why.
Voice, Dec 20 2012

       You can also type "define" into google before a word, and it will show the definition.
DIYMatt, Dec 23 2012

       great stuff! obviously the yen problem is easily found, as is definition or lyrics ... but just you try asking for a solution to a physics problem.
po, Dec 23 2012

       That's what wolframalpha is for.
DIYMatt, Dec 23 2012

       but does it grow you a beard? I'd hate that.
po, Dec 23 2012

       I once Googled a question and found this as the only answer. "I don't know, good question. you could probably find an answer on Google."
Brian the Painter, Dec 28 2012


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