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Schrödinger's EMAIL

A sends B an email. B never receives the email from A unless they open it.
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This is different than pop/imap. With pop/imap, A's mail server sends the message to B's mail server, and then B can download it from there. What I am proposing is that A's mail server doesn't even send it to B's mail server until B requests it.

Bonus feature: When the email leave's A's mail server, it is replaced with a [Schrödinger's] cat emoji. Or, maybe a [Schrödinger's] box.

aniola, Oct 23 2022


       Thought this up while falling asleep last night and saved it for y'all.
aniola, Oct 23 2022

       According to my in-box most of the messages remain Schrodinger in nature.   

       For all know some Nigerian Prince wants to wire me millions.   

       He did, but then he got offended when you ghosted him, and sent the millions to me instead. Where's the trust, people?
pertinax, Oct 23 2022

       I am waiting for this page to load so that I can read the idea.
pocmloc, Oct 23 2022


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