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Short response/emote for emails

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What would be good is to have a short response capability for emails, consisting of emoticons.

Perhaps it can be that if an email is detected as having only a few characters (e.g. smily face, "yes", "no", etc...), then it would be designated as a short response.

This short response will not be shown as a full email entry, but rather appended to the title of the email.

So when you browse your email list, you can see single emotions replies next to your emails. Much like slack!



* Did you get the memo? (mark: "yes")

* What you think of the cat pic? (frodo:😸 👍)

&#128568 = unicode cat

👍 = unicode thumbs up

mofosyne, Apr 14 2016


hippo, Apr 14 2016

       Well, at least it's in other:general :(
normzone, Apr 14 2016


       You can put whatever you want in the subject line. Then just put "EOM" at the end of it, which the recipient should know means "end of message" and that they don't have to open the email.   

       Outlook has built-in response buttons, polling, appointment confirmation, etc. where you just click a button and it automatically sends a response that the other person's Outlook automatically tabulates. AFAIK this only works in Outlook though.
notexactly, Apr 14 2016


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