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e-mail for the office
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It has been rpoven that the introduction of e-mail as a fomr of communication in the office and between companies, has resulted in a loss of formality, and the formation of new words such as workinglunch. I propose an e-mail program that automatically corrects such weblish as "lol", "I'm l8", "knw", etc. There could also be a version for text messaging.
[ sctld ], May 09 2001


       Nah, we're just worn out from the tech boom.   

       As for OE mail I was hoping that this was going to be a kind of "formal mail" where letters are sent as PGP signed PDFs or somthing for imporant stuff like job offers and resumes (can you tell what is on my mind? Anyone got a job for a web designer?)
futurebird, May 09 2001

       Hmpf! I was hoping for "old English" email... but I agree with waugsqueke, "weblish" is a cool word!
danrue, May 09 2001

       dervish, danish, weblish.   

       ugh. the sound of it makes me ill, kthx.   

       'Forsooth! 'Twould seem that thine Excel report hast had its margins ill varied, so as to cause mine printer to render multiple pages across! Vile, grevious machine!'
absterge, May 09 2001

       If I was receiving resumes and someone sent me one as a PDF, I'd dump it without reading. Acrobat is -evil-.
StarChaser, May 09 2001

       I first cam across the word weblish in the British magazine, 'Computer Active!' it had an article on the conurbated adjectives, nouns, and abb. of the 'web' society.   

       [Just think of the Weblish passports...]
[ sctld ], May 09 2001

       Oh, PDF's not so bad. Sure, text is better, but I'd rather get stuff in PDF than in, say, MSWord format, or some bastardized variant of HTML.
wiml, May 10 2001

       Word and HTML work. PDF is incredibly clumsy. The only format that can shoehorn 100k of text into two megs.
StarChaser, May 10 2001

       According to m-w.com, "resume" comes from French "résumé," the past participle of "résumer" (to resume, summarize). As such, a resume probably shouldn't have 100k of text.   

       I consider PDF to be better than MSWord because I have a better chance of getting it in a readable state. HTML isn't really appropriate for a resume, but then it isn't really appropriate for at least half the things people expect it to do. (Though I have an HTML version of my resume on the web, the one I actually distribute and print is in RTF.)
bookworm, May 10 2001

       The fonts look gorgeous in Adobe - blow them up and compare to other fonts. Wish there was a way to copy some for use.
thumbwax, May 10 2001

thumbwax, May 10 2001

       Even when it works correctly, it isn't a readable state. The controls are not just non, but ANTI intuitive, and you have to fight with it to get a view that's even close to being readable.   

       Rant, sorry. I just really hate Acrobat.
StarChaser, May 10 2001

       Acrobatix, the village clown, who lives in an adobe hut near the edge of the forest. Can't recall in which Asterix story he was featured. The forest has vanished though, they needed the trees to make paper. No idea why.
jetckalz, May 10 2001


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