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Multipage WikiMail

Compose and read mail using a WIKI type syntax
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You can easily add links, lists and tables, using your favorite WIKI text. Also making email into a "multi page" email app. Instead of saving files with versions to a WIKI you create new pages in your WIKI folder and then send them. Upon being recieved they create a WIKI replica in your safeguarded WIKIMail repository.
pashute, Feb 27 2006


       Wow, talk about totally missing the point of Wiki.
jutta, Feb 27 2006

       No, I'm talking about the missing points of email. (or is post-Wiki email obsolete?)
pashute, Feb 27 2006

       Another advantage is that to set up a WIKI you need to have a server and install the WIKI on the server. (I have a few, but most of the people on the web, including milions of non-techies, do not.)   

       With the Wikimail, you could easily set sections of your incoming WIKI to become a personal WIKI, that can be edited as long as you are online. You can then replicate your Wikimail to a server so its always online.
pashute, Mar 10 2006


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