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Razor Fork

Eat & Shave - at the same time!
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This appliance would take the form of a standard four pronged fork with the added benefit of having a Mach3 mounted to the side of it.

Eat and Shave at the same time.

Now all we need is a Plate Wash-hand basin.

jayyy, Mar 12 2003


       Scrapings and Scrapple: That hardly sounds like an appetizing combination.
jurist, Mar 12 2003

       I'm definitely not a member of the target audience, here, but my first thought was "ow."
brenna, Mar 12 2003

       Do you live in a bedsit, jayyy?
sild, Mar 12 2003

       Breakfast and shaving are two activities that should be undertaken in a leisurely, contemplative manner, not as though the time taken were the most important aspect. Much good thought can be had whilst shaving.
angel, Mar 12 2003

       Yes, I enjoy pieces of food on my newly shaved beard almost as much as I enjoy hair in my cereal.
joshkouri, Mar 12 2003

       Maybe you should heat up the Razor Fork until it's glowing hot before using it, too.
mrthingy, Mar 12 2003


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