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razor sharpener

Resharpen Disposable sharpeners
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What if their was an invention that could resharpen disposable razors? This invention could revoloutionize the disposable razor business. Disposable razors by nature are supposed to be destroyed therefore they are mass produced and are available to the consumer at a very discounted rate. A sharpener could be used to resharpen the disposable item and thus reused reducing everyday hygiene costs for razors and foam lathers alike.The entry of the product would scare the wits out of the likes of bic, gillette and other manufactureres. They would purchase the pattent that i currently pocess just to keep it off the market. Or market it for themselves!! Just another mind splattering idea from hawko
hawko, Nov 18 2000


       Biggest problem is that the blades in disposable razors are tiny little strips of steel, less than a quarter of an inch wide and very thin. Not really enough to resharpen. The blade is made as part of the razor, and you can't get it out without breaking the razor itself, and there's not enough room to get something in there.   

       I suppose that with a little teeny file and a whole lot of patience, you could resharpen it, but you'd spend a lot more time on it than you would have to work to earn the 10 cents or so to buy another one...
StarChaser, Nov 18 2000

       I've been thinking along similar lines. Maybe use a modified emory board (women's nail file). The single-blade disposables with fewer inner supports might be easier to sharpen. Or the Mach 3 because it's expensive (but looks hard to sharpen). Anyway, in the Third World, even saving 10 cents may be worth somebody's time...
pwo, Jun 11 2001, last modified Jun 23 2001

       I'm just looking for a knife sharpener that can actually give a razors edge. But I'm thinking that's what you people are here for too. And what ever happened to those leather strap things? Don't those give a good edge?   

       The reason that razors are sharp though is, they are so damn thin! Even if you completly take the edge off. It will still cut, not hair, but skin! That's why it's so hard to get a razor edge on a thicker knife.   

       I'm also looking for a real razor too. I just really like what hawko said. The companys might just buy as much as possible just so that us citizens won't be albe to buy them!
DraginMaster, Sep 03 2001


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