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The one-person moving sidewalk
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This is a self-propelled track, like those tracks that vehicles have sometimes--like tanks. But it’s just the track rolling down the sidewalk, your personal moving sidewalk.

You’re on top of the track as the self-conveyance moves forward. To stay on top, all you have to do is to walk backwards.

Do keep walking, otherwise you’ll be dumped off the front and it’ll roll over you.

There’s that slight danger--but it’s worth it. Just imagine your car-bound friends passing you as you clank along on your own self-conveyance. Imagine them looking at you with astonishment, and envy.
pluterday, Oct 21 2003

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       If you had a track on top of another track, you'd be able to stay walking forward.   

       That is an excellent point. Hummm. And if you placed a gear between the forward going and the reverse going tracks, and attached a platform to the gear, then you could stand on top, spinning rapidly. Centrifugal force would throw your arms out, making your hands heavy. Pulling your arms in and letting them out, in and out, you could get your exercise on the way to the mall.
pluterday, Oct 21 2003

       How would you steer the contraption?
Letsbuildafort, Oct 21 2003


Well, jeez, you’re not happy with going in a straight line? Ok ok, so now I’ve got a pair of tracks, see, and you’re walking on one with your left foot, and on the other with your right. If you’re going straight, they go at the same speed. To turn, one track runs faster than the other. While you’re turning, you’re doing this sort of backwards hobble. Oh, I guess it might take some getting used to...

pluterday, Oct 21 2003

       I just want to run over my "friends" I suppose I could TRY to talk them into standing still for a while.
Letsbuildafort, Oct 21 2003

       If you want to run over your friends, just let them take it for a spin.

pluterday, Oct 21 2003

       Oh, no! My shoe lace just came untied! Can't...stop...must...keep...walking...
phoenix, Oct 21 2003

       Sounds like an exercise Segway.
DrCurry, Oct 21 2003

       Sounds big and pompous. Something a dictator might take to work instead of a car. There must be a market. +
k_sra, Oct 21 2003


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