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Tow mirror minder

Squawks maddeningly if your extended tow mirror crosses the line between lanes
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Oh, you didn't notice, really. Dodge owners, I'm looking at you.
21 Quest, Jun 10 2023


       Honestly, [21], you can't expect them to drive centered while texting. Something's gotta give.
whatrock, Jun 10 2023

       Can it also fold itself in if it detects an imminent collision?
scad mientist, Jun 11 2023

       I think it should fold itself in if it detects an imminent unsignaled line crossing.
21 Quest, Jun 11 2023

       A toe mirror would also be useful.
xenzag, Jun 11 2023

       One for each toe or one for each foot?
whatrock, Jun 11 2023

       Take a good, hard look at yourself, second toe; where is your life heading?
pertinax, Jun 15 2023


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