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stuff in stuffed crust

Have you ever finished your pizza and still been hungry?
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One day, I was eating my pizza, and it struck me that you could fit just about anything inside that crust. Like if you wanted a hot dog. Just eat the crust and it would be like having a hot dog in a bun. Or you could fill it with another pizza. Just roll it up and then unroll it to have another one. And once you think about it, we've been stuffing our crust with cheese for years. This would just be something else.
fett625, Feb 24 2007

this is pretty baked already http://www.slashfoo...t-pizza-from-japan/
[xandram, Feb 24 2007]


       pretty much baked [see link]
xandram, Feb 24 2007

       Awww man. I thought I was on to something new.
fett625, Feb 24 2007

       Thanks for the link.
fett625, Feb 24 2007

       no problem, evidently it is a good idea! Welcome to the hb.
xandram, Feb 24 2007


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