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Script Kiddie rehabilitation program

A program designed to redirect the youthful exuberance of script-kiddies towards more wholesome activities
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As ISP's and other large corporations struggle to find a technical solution to the latest DDoS attack, I propose a different solution. Why don't we point all those packet flooding 15 year olds in the right direction, instead of letting them waster their time nuking companies and landing themselves in jail. Instead their interest in computers could be directed towards developing open-source software, or something of that nature. The idea here is similar to after-school programs for inner-city kids to keep them out of trouble.
beretboy, Apr 06 2003


       //but it would explain where all the hackers go after jail//   

       I heard of a similar scheme for people without computer skills. They send them to the White House.
sambwiches, Apr 06 2003

       A script-kiddie is useless - pretty much by definition - on a computer. Also, I'm inclined to disagree with your assumption that they're inner-city kids. In fact, a suitable punishment might be for these punks might be to force them to hand-deliver their computer to an inner-city child.
phoenix, Apr 06 2003

       //I thought this was the purpose of outsourcing your programming requirements to young, brilliant programmers, for exorbitant fees?//   

       Funny you mention that! I'm a teenager and I took a break from one of my programming jobs to post this :-) Oh, the irony
beretboy, Apr 06 2003


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