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Scroll Carpet Revisited

A plush carpet that rolls like a scroll.
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Carpeting presents a number of problems that hard-surfaced floors do not. However, carpet is much more warm and comfortable. Therefore, a scrolled long section of carpet, several meters in length and shoulder-width, awaits your cold morning feet. Nestling your feet into the cleavage and shuffling across the floor unravels the forward roll beneath your feet. At the end of each roll there is a hard plastic pivot point, with which to turn the now counterbalanced roll of carpeting in the desired direction with ease.
rcarty, Feb 25 2013


       //pivot// nice, I was wondering how you were going to do that. [+]
FlyingToaster, Feb 25 2013

       didn't some celebrity at the Oscars need something like this? there is something rather classy about this idea.
po, Feb 26 2013

       I've posted this idea atleast half dozen times and po has annoed most times.
rcarty, Feb 26 2013

       would you prefer I ignore it the next time?
po, Feb 26 2013

       That would be the least significant thing to do. It probably wouldn't occur to me to prefer it.
rcarty, Feb 26 2013

       you're weird! I like weird but I prefer my responses to be transparent.
po, Feb 26 2013

       Transparency on the Internet, or telephony of any kind is being in the same room as the other person, and only then is the separtion the most clear, but at the same time the least relevant.   

       Almost losing sight of the scroll carpet. Easily constructed by bordering the length edges with short segments, with springs joining each one under tension . _- _
rcarty, Feb 27 2013


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