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st/air lift

for people that have difficulty with stairs but find 'conventional' stairlifts dull
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the chair is mounted off-centre in a 'zorb' so that it rests with the chair upright. it is powered by jets of air mounted in the steps that create a peristaltic shift up or down the staircase. if the jets fail the 'zorb' provides enough protection for the fall down the stairs.

inspired by hippo's Automatic Blow-Out Staircase of Excitement

chud, Jul 03 2002


       So you would be blown upstairs?
DrCurry, Jul 03 2002

       expand the system around the house and you could be blown wherever you wanted
chud, Jul 03 2002

       If you connect it to the back end of a central vacuum cleaner, the price won't be so ex'zorb'itant.
FarmerJohn, Jul 03 2002


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