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Scrunchi undies are scrunchies which are also underwear. This product would allow you to always be ready to "spend the night" with that special someone without the gross-out of yesterday's worn underwear in the morning, or the possible shame of seeming over-prepared by having too much underwear in your purse. Catering to slutty but fastidious cheerleader types who may already have scrunchies in abundance but under-served clean underwear needs. Doubtful that one could work the reverse: "I wish I could see what I'm doing, but my hair keeps getting in my face..." angle, but don't dismiss. Sell in the advertising section of Cosmo magazine, other girly publications.
mery, Oct 08 2001

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       [mery], //without the gross-out of yesterday's worn underwear//, and
//Catering to slutty ... cheerleader types//, and
//Sell in the advertising section of Cosmo magazine//

       An intimate knowledge of modern women’s magazines to boot. I don’t mean to sound like an old fart, I can assure you I am certainly hip to your lingo, but are you sure you're really old enough to be spending the night with special people?
sdm, Oct 08 2001

       Do they fasten with a special clasp that doubles as a toothbrush?
pottedstu, Oct 08 2001

       The danger of this would be that of inadvertantly using yesterday's underwear as a hair accessory...

[stop press: "Cosmo Girl" magazine wants to use my font]
hippo, Oct 08 2001

       this could also be listed with the ponytail fasteners -- I think the idea has legs (when deployed). It seems that the men halfbakers are flinging fishbones about, I will wait for the potential customers to weigh in.   

       One "baked" variant I read about is from Japan -- three-legged underwear that you rotate on a daily basis and turn inside-out for days 4-6. On Sunday, it's laundry time.   

       How about a snood that doubles as a condom? A ponytail fastener - condom would possess topological design challenges . . .
daruma, Oct 08 2001

       Not really, daruma. One of the fastener beads can actually be a container to store a wrapped condom in.
Sparki, Oct 08 2001

       Mery! Have you been watching Farrelly Brothers movies again?
Sparki, Oct 08 2001

       Thanks Sparki, that gives me an excellent idea - why not store a *used* condom in your ponytail bead for those emergency extreme hair styling needs? (PS: I never boned this.)
pottedstu, Oct 08 2001

       Hope you wore a condom.
thumbwax, Oct 09 2001

       An unused one.
pottedstu, Oct 09 2001

       In your hair.
hello_c, Oct 09 2001

       Put a helmet on that soldier.
thumbwax, Oct 09 2001

       Are Crunchi-Undies the ones with the honeycombed yellow centre and the chocolate coating? (UK candy reference.)
pottedstu, Oct 10 2001

       <phweet!> Ok, you, ten yards for an illegal visual!
StarChaser, Oct 12 2001

       This is gonna be huge for fetishists.   

       Mmm... Scrunchies....   

       Mmm... panties....   

       Mmm.... cheerleaders....   

       Uh, I mean, er... [+] but not because...   

       Well, anyway, I think the tothbrush would be more useful than the condom. If someone who wears these is coming over, I'll have tons of condoms, but it won't cross my mind to get a spare toothbrush.
ye_river_xiv, Mar 04 2007

       So, [ye_river], what late-night search led you to this? Or shall we just blame it on the "random" button?
Hunter79764, Mar 04 2007

       [ye] Polite people always keep a couple spare toothbrushes around. They are also useful for people seeking refuge in your abode, or when your idiot relatives decide to travel unprepared and arrive at your doorstep at 1:30 am.
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 05 2007

       This is actually a fine idea. The Scrunchdies would be totally incognito: hidden in plain sight. It would be a joke gift you could actually use. Hope my bread isnt too late, [mery]. [Mery]? [Mery]?
bungston, Mar 05 2007

quantum_flux, Mar 06 2007

       Neither the one, nor the other [hunter] Some newb posted an idea about wedgie-proof shorts, with breakway elastic. I thought I'd seen the idea somewhere... Well, actually, I thought I'd seen an idea about breakway thongs, and I figured if I just scanned through the fashion:underwear, I'd spot it. No luck, but this is delightful anyway. Good job Mery!   

ye_river_xiv, Mar 06 2007


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