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Replace elastics by Velcro in underwear
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Underwear as a number of shortcomings. Socks tend to slide down the ankles, boxers can be too tight on either ends (sometimes both of them). And t-shirts have the annoying habit of climbing up peoples backs leaving their kidney area exposed. To solve this, elastic materials should be replaced by a Velcro equivalent for the skin. The gripping factor should be carefully tailored so that users didn't get their skins torn.

Other applications: get rid of the watch bracelet.

[Baconbrain] beat me to the how with his "Nano-spike bandages" [see link]. The field of application is different, though.

PauloSargaco, Dec 19 2007

Self-Adhesive Bras http://www.shopbody.com/nubra.htm
"Special adhesive on the cups are lab tested and skin friendly. Wash with soap and water then air dry. The adhesive regenerates after it dries." Sounds like that sticky gooey plastic they make children's toys out of. [DrCurry, Dec 19 2007]

(??) Nano-spike Bandages Nano-spike_20Bandages
[PauloSargaco, Dec 20 2007]

Synthetic Setae http://en.wikipedia...iki/Synthetic_setae
adhesive that works with van der Waals forces [apocalyps956, Dec 21 2007]


       If this works, it would be like wearing boxers made out of sticky tape. Or maybe clingfilm. Or Post-Its. Either way, doesn't sound especially comfortable.   

       But it would be a way to keep things on you that didn't go all the way around. So croissant for that. Even though that is Baked, as far as bras for strapless dresses go (hey, I was reading the labels while waiting for my wife to shop).
DrCurry, Dec 19 2007

       Ah! the Curry has been smoked out of hiding too. Excellent.
xenzag, Dec 19 2007

       Oh, I stop by occasionally.
DrCurry, Dec 19 2007

       Check your link.
37PiecesOf Flair, Dec 19 2007


       Isn't there research being done on a way to inject insulin via a similar mechanism, thousands of tiny needles that barely make it through the epidermis? They were literally calling it BON, Bed of Nails.   

       Combine this idea with [hippo]'s High Friction Pyjamas idea.
elhigh, Dec 19 2007

       For socks!! Yes please!!!!
Noexit, Dec 19 2007

       [37PiecesOf Flair] - Got it, thanks.   

       [DrCurry] - I'm not sure it would feel like clingfilm. I'm not really sure what clingfilm is, but it sounds like a gluey thing. It's not like I ever tried skin attaching capable velcro, but when I think of it, it seems to me that the feeling should be different. With wouldn't glue itself to body hairs like glue, for instance.   

       It would be a different feeling than current clothes, that's for sure. And underwear itself would have be elastic, otherwise people wouldn't be able to move.   

       - Honey, could you pick the baby's rattle from the floor, please?   

       - I can't, sugar. I have my Skelcro underwear on. Can't bend down.
PauloSargaco, Dec 20 2007

       clingfilm = glad wrap
pertinax, Dec 20 2007

       Reading [UnaBubba]'s comment I'm starting to imagine how unpleasant would it be to unstick the Skelcro...
PauloSargaco, Dec 21 2007

       What's wrong with duct tape?
egbert, Dec 21 2007

       Well, duct tape clings to hair, hurts like hell to remove and leaves glue on your skin. other than that can't see any real problems.
PauloSargaco, Dec 24 2007


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