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Search utility for slow blogs

Some people use the Internet only occasionally.
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A blogsearch utility could help its users find blogs that are paced right for them. Most likely there would be a manual login procedure. Cookies don't work for the vagrant netizen who is visiting the Internet from various public access sites. The average time between logins for a given user can be an indicator of how often said person is online. Search results will uprank those blogs whose frequency of comment and other traffic best fits the user's frequency of online activity. This may help avoid the frustration of stumbling into conversations that have long since ended, while also bypassing those blogs which haven't been updated in years. One way to partially automate the login is to have something like "&handle=loriz" in the namespace schema, so searches in 'to do' lists in HTML format are only a click away...
LoriZ, Mar 07 2009

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       This would have the interesting effect of recommending different blogs if your internet usage starts to peak or dwindle down.
Aristotle, Mar 10 2009


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