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Slow/Fast Elevator control

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Most of us, on entering the mirrored confines of the average elevator, simply wish to get from one floor to another in the quickest time possible. However, an oft-overlooked use for these machines is to share jokes and pleasantries with fellow workers, and to network with those above you in the pecking order.

I propose an elevator which, in addition to the obligatory buttons for floor numbers and alarm, offers a "slow ride" option, able to be toggled to enhance that networking process.

Obviously, if worker A is trying to curry favour with middle manager B on "slow ride", and mangagers C, D, etc. enter the lift for the conventional swift transit to the top floor, this idea becomes a teeny bit problematic. Perhaps the highest-ranking worker would have the final say as to whether slow or fast mode would be used for the journey.

Sludden, Feb 03 2006


       This is a good idea, croissant for that. But there are a few problems that I forsee in a system like this...   

       -System malfunction: option "superfast" only option -Even worse: option "superslow" only option -The "slow ride" might be a bit problemistic for young kids (middle schoolers and the like) either pulling pranks by activating this during heavy traffic, or... other creative opportunities....   

       Anyways. Croissant for the idea, but there are a few wrinkles to sort out.
bluefood2010, Sep 25 2008

       if baked would be very difficult to have accepted in the building industry, money spent on lifts is to provide the fastest service for the cheapest price. a lot of work is going into automating the supply of lifts to various floors in the most efficient way, this idea would only add cost for no performance benefit.
williamsmatt, Sep 25 2008

       I'd hate to be the guy waiting for the damn thing.
Bukkakinator, Sep 25 2008

       Most people think they need more time with the cutie on the 'vater to ask for their number. They really just need to get to the point sooner ;)   

       But a button that takes it off course and right to a martini bar on the top floor with an open table - I'd be all for that
DeanRadcliffe, Mar 20 2009


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