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Sleep Snatcher

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An elevator with a "SLOW" button. Now, when traveling from the lobby to the 28th floor, instead of 60 seconds of sleep, you can get a refreshing 3-minute snooze.

(Warning: If anyone's with you, ask their permission before using!)

phundug, Mar 09 2004


       First, I can't think of ever wanting an elevator to go slower. In a 28 floor elevator ride your chances of making the trip non-stop during the business day are low. Wouldn't you rather get off that 2m x 2m box to a nice comfortable chair/sofa/bed for your quick nap?
Also the unfortunate person, already late, waiting for the elevator to arrive on the 17th floor would not be amused to learn that you took a leisurely ride from the lobby to 17 while his/her blood pressure was skyrocketing.
RooneDitoff, Mar 09 2004

       Tough. If he's late for his nap, he should've gotten there sooner.
phundug, Mar 09 2004

       Dont know about sleep, but I've often needed slightly longer in an elevator for other reasons. 3 minutes is plenty of time for that though, about 60 seconds usually does me.
Bobble, Mar 09 2004


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