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Use Wii Fit type device to steer with.
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Build a two wheeled vehicle with active balancing, similar to the segway, but without it's steering column.

Build into the platform a force sensing device, similar to the Wii Fit.

Accellerate when the driver leans forwards, slow when he leans backwards, turn when he leans left/right.

The force sensors in the platform detect which way the driver is leaning, eliminating the need for additional steering hardware.

goldbb, Mar 24 2009


       I though the Segway column was for the person's balance stability and not for steering. Once a person is Segway capable the column isn't really needed, riding a bit like a surfer.
wjt, Mar 24 2009

       User Handbook: Please note the evolution of an inner ear is required for this product.
eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 25 2009


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