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Segway To Fitness

The human powered segway hybrid exercise machine
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I'm aware of course of the treadmill effort in these pages. This idea expands upon that significantly, as follows:

An exercise adapter to be fitted into the segway, with the ability to feed dynamo power back into the battery. Even if unable to fully recharge the battery, it would certainly expand the segway's range, while improving fitness.

Choices to include:

Treadmill, of course.

Step machine.


And for those really struggling with maintaining their emotions during the commute, a punching ball.

Imagine the morning commute in a busy metropolitan area resembling an Austin Powers routine: "Or I can take a canoe"

theircompetitor, Nov 11 2006

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       21, that was acknowledged in the first line of my post, thanks for noticing.
theircompetitor, Nov 11 2006

       I can see it now. I'm walking along on a sidewalk and the fella next to me is walking on a treadmill segway and both of us are going the same speed. He, however, paid $5,000 to walk and is free for me.
MoreCowbell, Nov 11 2006

       I'm bunning this, because I think that [theircompetitor] is doing what I did one or two of my early posts to HB, which is to create something obviously self- contradictory for humorous purposes, such as Glow-in-the-dark Sunscreen or "The Clapper" Hearing Aid.
land, Dec 10 2006


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