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Tiny Segways Catch me, Darling

Like automatic heaven at the touch of a button!
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These tiny litte unicycle thingies. They are so funny. When I press this button they all balance on their wheels and line up like a group of little soldiers. Then, They all raise a little pad and wait for me to fall on them. Sometimes, I just like calling them on and jumping right into them. It's pretty awesome actually.

It's like crowd surfin' on robots!

Quiet, Billy...

daseva, Dec 04 2005

Segways http://www.segway.com/segway/models.html
Idea is mini remote controlled these. [Zuzu, Dec 06 2005]

Robot Swarms http://www.pbs.org/...w/3204/03-talk.html
...with swarm robotics functionality. [Zuzu, Dec 06 2005]


Letsbuildafort, Dec 04 2005

       why the MFD?
sninctown, Dec 05 2005

       Please explain, [Gumbob], How do these little things raise a pad between themselves?
gnomethang, Dec 05 2005

       My assumption was each had its own pad. Someone produces sculptures that are glass tiles supported by lots of little plastic people - this conjured up similiar Lilliputian images. Got my croissant, anyway.
DrCurry, Dec 05 2005

       Really, [Letsbuildafort]... what's the deal?
zigness, Dec 05 2005

       I think a tiny segway toy would sell well. Make it remote controlled. The problem is you'd need a much faster response time for segways this small, which would require faster computers which might not fit in the little things and may make them expensive. Bun anyway for the imagery.
Worldgineer, Dec 05 2005

       what Lets said!
po, Dec 05 2005

       "They all raise a little pad and wait for me to fall on them."
Sounds like falling on Lego. [-]

       Oooh look... tiny little segways. [+]   

       (LBAF - if you mean the MFD you have to spell it out... and justify it. Why?)
st3f, Dec 05 2005

       are they robotic segways?   

       Gb doesn't really explain hence the tentative MFD
po, Dec 05 2005

       Is there really an idea here? If there is, then its pretty well hidden in all the statements made. Does it have a purpose? Is it meant to be funny?   

       To me this really sounds like talking just to talk. If you're gonna have to explain to me this "idea" you really just need to delete this and re-present it.   

       I dunno. I thought it was just a waste of space. Anyway - if I need my secret Halfbaker decoder belt buckle to decyher this, its just too much.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 06 2005

       Perhaps, I was a bit vague. Though, I am a fan of letting people get it on their own. If I have failed at doing so, then of course, I have no defense against your mfd.   

       [zuzu] has exposed all the nuts and bolts. Thank you for those links, [zuzu].   

       LBAF, you find my posting to be lazy, and that is really why the mfd is there.   

       You'd be lazy, too, if you were flopping around on these things all day.
daseva, Dec 06 2005

       Was perfectly obvious to me, not seeing why anyone else had any trouble with this. Maybe it's that over-generalization thing again.
DrCurry, Dec 06 2005

       (+) But wouldn't your fall drive the little darlings right into the ground? Wouldn't their little legs slide out from underneath them on your hardwood floor?
ionsfromzion, Sep 24 2006

       Nice idea, but my [+] is for the title.
wagster, Sep 24 2006

       I would hope there to be some suspension system, some hydraulic piston underneath the pad, that would brace the little guys. And, if a few did get knocked over from your diagonal leap, they would have a built in kick stand to get them back up again. Of course.
daseva, Sep 24 2006

       I like the idea of hundreds of little Segways following me around, negotiating obstacles and finding ways over tough terrain (a pile of clothes on the floor). That would be fun. And when you get tired of leading them around, let them carry you, like Liliputtans carried Gulliver. Of course, they tied him up and poked him with tiny spears, but that's besides the point. [+]
Veho, Sep 25 2006


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