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Segway Immobilizer

A good idea, with the exception of the "good" part
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Some recent model cars have been constructed in such a manner that they can be remotely rendered inoperable - for occasions such as a stolen vehicle, or one involved in a high-speed chase.

What happens, though, when a thief is making a high-speed Seg-a-way? The comparative rarity of such an occurrence should not be an excuse for lack of preparation.

At a remotely generated signal, the controllers in the Segway would simply reverse the drive impulses, resulting in positive-feedback negative stability: when the thief leans forward, the wheels run backwards away from him, leaving him face-planted on the sidewalk.

lurch, Mar 24 2011

Segway Security System Segway_20Security_20System
This is either prior art, or blatant self-promotion - or possibly both. [Wrongfellow, Mar 24 2011]

Hacking into your car. http://www.itworld....ke-control-your-car
Of tangential interest. [DrBob, Mar 25 2011]


       I can see a Seg-posse chasing the Seg-bandit with guns a-blazin'. Marshall Dillon and all that.
sqeaketh the wheel, Mar 24 2011

       Yet another car chase-scene movie that needs to be remade. Or, have the police on Segways, chasing bandits on power chairs.
RayfordSteele, Mar 24 2011

       //Marshall Dillon// [squeaketh]
//needs to be remade// [RayfordS]

       How 'bout Marshall Dilbert?
lurch, Mar 24 2011

       If a Segway was to stop suddenly, wouldn't it catapult the driver...so to be called a Seguchet?
xandram, Mar 24 2011

       <- "Theys wents that segway."   


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