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water organ

makes sound with running water through a bunch of faucets and loud water pipes
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They're tuned. Water is pumped from basin back through the noisy faucets and pipes.
fishboner, Apr 28 2009

Wave Organ in SF http://www.roadtrip.../places/waveorg.htm
Semi-Natural version [csea, Apr 29 2009]


       A fine art project, perhaps equipped with a short commentary on the marginalization of water in the modern world. I'm a big fan of fountains, and as far as art projects go, fountains do pretty well here. So do musical instruments. And this is both. Oh, and it would be just plain ridiculous to actually accomplish. +   

       Put some meat on the bones, here. What kinds of noises do you want to hone? i.e. squeaky, whistling, rushing, etc... Make an ensemble out of the separate kinds of noises. Is the whole thing a big wall of faucets? Need help visualizing... -
daseva, Apr 29 2009

       The faucets have the whispery whistle, and the "brass secion" has the wailing and squeaking covered.   

       you press valves, easier versions of the annoying ones that you find in public bathrooms that pop back up before you can even get your hands under the water. They are laid out like any organ, though. Thus, the sustain of a note is controlled by how hard you press it.   

       It has a row of bass pedals. They are the ones you sometimes hear groaning deep in the bowels of a building with bad plumbing.
fishboner, Apr 29 2009

       it is worth noting that because the vibration is coming from within water pipes, this is one of few instruments that could really work well underwater
fishboner, Apr 29 2009

       See [link] for an outdoor version without faucets.
csea, Apr 29 2009

       //So I'm not the only one who is insanely jealous of those people designing Las Vegas robotic fountains//
Apparantly not, but I guess you're in a very, very, very small minority.
coprocephalous, Apr 30 2009


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