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Self-Driving Vending Machines

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Think ice cream truck, except without a driver, and with an automated payment and delivery system (i.e. put in your dollar, push a button, out drops a bag of chips).

Use a different sound for each type of vending machine, so you know what's driving by. Pulls over and stops when it sees someone waving their arms or hears them yelling something like "mom I want an ice cream".

Worldgineer, Aug 25 2016


       "No no sweetie, when the music is playing it means that they've run out..."   

       Mariachi music for tacos and doritos and such.
RayfordSteele, Aug 25 2016

       "Today the vending machine hijackers struck again near Donald J. Trump elementary school. In other News..."
popbottle, Aug 26 2016

       [2fry] For the first 5 years of my first son's life I had him convinced that was a "music truck".   

       [Ray] Yes! The different sounds comes from a small town in Java I stayed in once. Mobile vendors there each tap out a different pattern on a bell or dish as they walk, so you know when the fried rice cart comes by vs. the noodle cart vs. the ice cream cart.
Worldgineer, Aug 26 2016


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