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Productivity Machine

Inspired by 'Battery vending machine'.
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After reading 'battery vending machine' yesterday, I got to thinking: it's a great idea, but too limited. Batteries are a great thing to have in a vending machine, but there are other non-food items that are just as annoying to be without, such as pens, notepads, rulers, measuring tapes, compasses (not the directional kind) compasses (the directional kind) and cheap calculators. Vending machines are plenty big enough to hold many types of products, which is why they usually do. So why not a vending machine that dispenses many cheap, yet essential, tools?
21 Quest, Aug 08 2009

battery vending machine http://www.halfbake...20vending_20machine
[po, Aug 08 2009]

(?) Pen Vending http://4mega-vendin.../schoolsupplies.htm
Pen/Paper vending [MechE, Aug 09 2009]

http://gizmodo.com/...-for-business-in-la http://gizmodo.com/...-for-business-in-la
[21 Quest, Aug 09 2009]


       <donning my 21bot hat> I'd say this would be better as an anno on the original <dm2h>
po, Aug 08 2009

       [+] interesting idea for schools or offices (one would assume the office one you'd use the same sort of card that you do on the photocopier for departmental cost-accounting).
FlyingToaster, Aug 08 2009

       Schools and offices were the primary locations I had in mind for this.
21 Quest, Aug 08 2009

       I have this feeling that I've seen something like this, at least pens and small pads, inside airport security, but I can't say where. I did come up with the dedicated used pen vending machines on a search, but I realize that's not what you meant.
MechE, Aug 09 2009

       //So why not a vending machine that dispenses many cheap, yet essential, tools?//

       Motels often have machines that sell the stuff you might have forgotten at home. A vending machine in Canada dispenses prescription drugs. And there's one that does exactly what you suggested--it's a machine that dispenses tools to employees--the Buster Tools Vending Machine.
ldischler, Aug 09 2009

       I had never heard of a perscription drug vending machine in Canada so I did a little search.

       You won't believe what they are vending.
Don't bogart the [link] man.

       I did a little searching and found articles referring to office supply vending machines... but not like i had in mind with this idea. They all seem to be selling expensive shit, like computer mice, USB cables, FUCKING IPODS FOR CHRIST'S SAKE, and printer ink cartridges.
21 Quest, Aug 09 2009

       //iPods for chrissake//
dunno, I get pissed enough when my 75c potato chips (crisps) get stuck in the machine.
FlyingToaster, Aug 09 2009

       goodness me, ipods *at it* in a vending machine - producing little baby ipods?
po, Aug 09 2009

       [+] I was expecting this to be a machine that vends something non-tangible e.g. productivity itself. Like if I have been in the office all day but the distractions prevented me from accomplishing the items on my "to do" list, I can simply go over to the productivity machine and buy a couple of hours.. or buy some pre-accomplished tasks. Who wouldn't love to put 80 cents in the machine, press B-6, and then instantly those marketing reports are on your boss' desk?
Jscotty, Aug 09 2009

       po, the baby ipods are the Shuffles, and are the progeny of cross-breeding an iPod Nano with an iPod Video.
21 Quest, Aug 09 2009

       Even if it wasn't baked then, it is now. There are some vending machines at SAIT that sell stationery supplies like pens and pencils, in addition to other basic necessities like USB cables.
notexactly, Aug 26 2019


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