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Street Storage Vendor

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One of the problems of modern Western life is travelling between locales which have vastly different security paradigms in place.

This is not a new problem of course, but there are new variations.

The crux of the problem is what to do with accoutrements that belong in one area and not in another ?

Proposed is the creation of a licensing class, similar to those used for food and knicknack carts which are allowed to ephemerally occupy sidewalk frontage, for temporary storage carts: the equivalent of a bus-station locker room on wheels.

While the license would be for anything, there would be an upgrade, with attendant vetting of cart and proprietor, to allow storage of firearms and weapons as well as the more mundane.

FlyingToaster, Nov 07 2013


       Ahh, we used to have this in my Dungeon & Dragons games at the city limits in places where they had weapons restrictions.
normzone, Nov 07 2013

       Why would you bring weapons to a D & D game? I mean, once in a while ours got heated enough to devolve to dice throwing, but going in armed is a bit different...
Alterother, Nov 07 2013

       Big boys games, big boys rules, [Alt].
8th of 7, Nov 07 2013

       Too funny, [Alt].   

       I once had a new player show up at my house and he let me know that he'd been out shooting earlier in the day, and that while I lived in a nice neighborhood would I mind if he brought his guns in from the car while we played.   

       I'm all "Sure, no problem", and I go outside with him thinking we're going to bring in a couple of rifles and pistols.   

       He had a small crate of assorted machine guns. It was a nice collection but outside of my experience.
normzone, Nov 07 2013

       I've been to a number of buildings which don't allow you to take certain things inside (mobile phones, cameras, laptops, passports, money), but these places all had lockers to store stuff.
hippo, Nov 07 2013

       // while I lived in a nice neighborhood would I mind if he brought his guns in from the car while we played ... He had a small crate of assorted machine guns.//   

       He wasn't worried about the neighborhood; he was just being polite. He wanted to bring them in because he couldn't bear to be parted from his little darlings.   

       Trust us on this. We know the type.
8th of 7, Nov 07 2013

       Excellent, [FT]!!   

       Two Buns Up [+][+]
Grogster, Nov 08 2013


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