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Self-cleaning food processor

You know you want one.
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Food processors are very useful things but once they've done their work, they have to be cleaned - the container and blades or paddles, at least. Dishwashing is an option but the container can be quite bulky.

But now your kitchen can be a better place with the new BorgCo self cleaning food processor. The mixing chamber is fabricated from stainless steel and quartz glass. In the body of the unit is a water tank with heater, and reservoirs for detergent, salt and rinse aid. The unit has a permanent connection to a cold water supply and a waste pipe to a drain.

After use, just press the "clean" button and the unit will execute a full wash cycle, leaving itself residue-free and hygienic ready for the next use.

8th of 7, Nov 11 2009


       Self-cleaninf - cleans unto infinity.   

       If you could introduce the concept to home scale brewing equipment I'd get my credit card out right now.
normzone, Nov 11 2009

       You're right, I do want one.
kaz, Nov 11 2009

       me too [+]
FlyingToaster, Nov 12 2009

       // brewing equipment //   

       <sends hurried email to R&D department>
8th of 7, Nov 12 2009

       Yep, definite vote from me. Should also apply to juicers.
nineteenthly, Nov 12 2009

       <Another email to R&D>
8th of 7, Nov 12 2009

       Be our guest ......   

       <Turns control to 'Max'>
8th of 7, Nov 18 2009

       I heard that. Pardon?   

       Anyway, I don't see what the fuss is about. All my food processors are self-cleaning; indeed, I would fire them immediately if they were not.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 18 2009

       //All my food processors are self-cleaning// <imagines cat, looking up from self-cleaning pose, face in "wha!?" expression>
lurch, Nov 18 2009


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