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Self-erecting Spectator Seating

Seating array unfolds and erects out of a container
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Seating for spectators/audiences at sports, music and other events. Arrives as a container/trailer on a lorry.

Has a small, self-contained power and control unit. Place it in the right location, clear the area, and press the “go” button.

Electrohydraulically it unfolds, like an electrohydraulic butterfly. Foot-pads spread to stably distribute load on soft grounds. A bank of seats slides out vertically and horizontally to form an audience stand, with steps, aisles and handrails already integrated.

Optional extras: canopy/sunshade, lighting & power distribution, sound system, portaloos underneath. Perhaps powered wheels to manoeuvre/hitch to trailer.

Multiple units can be connected along/around to form complete stadia.

When the event’s over, press the “close” button (making sure no-one is still in the stand) and it folds, concertinas and compresses itself back into it’s container unit.

Frankx, Sep 30 2019

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       //Self-erecting Spectator Seating// I'm not going to any event where the spectators are self-erecting, thankyouverymuch.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 30 2019

       This already exists. We have observed several being set up at a motorsport event. They were built on standard articulated truck trailers; after the tractor units were uncoupled, a pipe or cable was run back to power the deployment. We suspect the mechanism was electrical but could have been hydraulic; probably not pneumatic as air motors are distinctively noisy.
8th of 7, Sep 30 2019

       Thanks both. Provisionally [mfd], but i’ll let it remain for a moment (if you don’t mind) while I find a source.
Frankx, Sep 30 2019


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