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Self cleaning refrigerated food trough delivery system

For me
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I went to San Jose a few months ago and saw a self-cleaning toilet. I like to eat straight from the refrigerator. I also like to get stuff from Peapod. I don't like to clean stuff. Thus the self-cleaning refrigerated food trough.

Peapod can come any time of the day and, with a special combination, open up the back of my self-cleaning refrigerated food trough, which is built into the wall of my apartment, and load the food into the backs of the different compartments. I can then open up the front of the self-cleaning refrigerated food trough, and load the food into my mouth while crumbs fall into the cleanable part of the trough. The SCRFT will have a comfortable interface that I can lean on with a space for me stomach, while I spend a long time choosing and consuming food, rather than the uncomfortable floor which I have to squat down upon while constantly having to hold the door open the way my refrigerator is now.

JesusHChrist, Aug 12 2015

Peapod http://www.peapod.com
[JesusHChrist, Aug 13 2015]


       Have you considered just having a funnel fitted? It works very well for geese.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 12 2015

       A Self cleaning refrigerated food forcing funnel ?
popbottle, Aug 12 2015

       If this were fitted next to the self-cleaning toilet you would never need to move!
pocmloc, Aug 13 2015

       I am psychic, and this is your reading; You are going to gain a lot of weight.
blissmiss, Aug 13 2015

       I predict that you will not believe this prediction.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 13 2015


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