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the 'van'

'local' mobile food van
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I don't really want ice cream every night after school, but as soon as I hear the music of the 'ice cream van' I must have one. I thought his business could be expanded to hot food with music to match the cuisine. Monday could be "Greek night" playing "Zorba the Greek" and serving pitta, mousaaka and chips etc. (bring your own plates). Tuesday: Chinese. Wednesday: Italian. Thursday: Burger/chicken American style. Friday: Indian and beer. Saturday: Full English Breakfast (all day). Sunday: Sunday Roast. He could travel around all evening stopping at a pre-organised van stops.
gizmo, Nov 14 2001

The Van http://www.amazon.c...002-5161476-8946433
[mrthingy, May 04 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       You don't really want ice-cream after school every night? Harrumph. Kids these days.
Guy Fox, Nov 14 2001

       ((*---*)) I wish I could.   

       When I'm older I'll come with my van, you can try my full English Breakfast.
gizmo, Nov 14 2001

       And what kind of vendor-van music will we get with the Full English Breakfast and Sunday Roast?
maggie, Nov 14 2001

       Why 'Boiled Beef & Carrots' of course.

Boiled Beef and Carrots, boiled beef and carrots,
That's the stuff for yer Derby Kell
Keeps you fit and keeps you well.
Don't live like vegetarians on food they give to parrots.
From noon to night blow out your kite
On boiled beef and carrots.
DrBob, Nov 14 2001

       Got to be some Robbie music like "Let me appertise you" or something from a "james bond" film like "The man with the golden yum" Or "the birdie song" ?
gizmo, Nov 14 2001

       I'm a vegetarian myself but it's a great song. And if you watch Stanley Holloway singing it, it's almost enough to make it sound appetising (that last bit might be an exaggeration).
DrBob, Nov 14 2001

       The very mention of Sunday Roast should have brought out the best/worst from deepest Yorkshire. Hullo, out there. What about your Yarkshire Puddings? And can I refer to your strange tastes, like putting mint sauce on mushy peas. Oh dear. We Lancastrians can't come to terms with that at all, no not at all, ee by gum.
maggie, Nov 14 2001

       Personally I've refused to eat anything from a van ever since I read Roddy Doyle's book of the same name as this idea.   

       DrBob: I don't think the word 'boiled' before any kind of meat can sound appetising. Carrots are a different matter, they're always nice.   

       maggie: Just having mushy peas is bizarre enough in itself IMHO.   

       gizmo's mum: I did history at school and regretted it. *Anything* is better than doing a project on the tudors. I'm fairly sure you can learn useful life skills in this place such as how to pick yourself up when everyone around you puts you down, sarcasm, verbal sniping, and things to do when you should be working.
CoolerKing, Nov 14 2001

       I'm a bit removed now from the "R…ch Coach" wars of some years ago, but I recall fondly the rush of anticipation that accompanied the several jobsite caterers that prowled the hectares of zero lot line developments that I worked. Crews of two and sometimes three kids (usually looked like thong-wearing waitresses, but there was an unbelievable set of gentlemen thugs) jumped out at intervals and flung up the sides of the vans to take orders. I won't bore you with the details of the food, especially since I don't want to detract from this fine idea.   

       The reason I called the situation a 'war' was simple competition at its ugliest. The crews had to rent the vans and purchase their own food, much of it from the van fleet owners. They were cutthroat, ruthless, mercenary, and defensive of their turf. Need I mention that, due to the rough clientele, many were armed? Great breaktime entertainment!!
reensure, Nov 18 2001

       ravenswood: could have sworn it was asparagus, with the song "I cuss, you cuss, we all cuss, for asparagus..." but maybe there were two separate comics...   

       (what the fact that i remember that says about me, i dunno....)   

       as for the idea, i think i'd like it! especially around this college town... everything is either cafeteria "food" or too expensive.
Urania, Nov 18 2001

       mmmm... deep fried macaroni pie. mmmmm.
lewisgirl, Nov 18 2001

       Snack shack vans (non-mobile) are quite common around Britain and I would say that one of my favourites is the one that does a 'Scoobie Snack', which is basically Full Breakfast on a roll - bacon, egg, sausages, black pudding, onions, fried potato scone (and I've probably forgotten a couple of other items, but you get the drift). These don't, however, have the variety suggested, and they don't travel around the streets playing merry jingles, so my only question is... Why have you missed out French day, for playing accordion music and serving crepes and, of course, croissants?
Guy Fox, Nov 18 2001

       you could'nt really cook a FULL english breakfast it would take to long and it would cost to much and the same with the indian but all the rest are fine
wkd_man, May 04 2002


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